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High Track Facts Speed, stopping and sound

Speed, stopping and sound

Fact 1

Once the driver has engaged the emergency brakes, a passenger train takes around 250 metres to stop. That is the same length as 2½ football fields! How many seconds would that take? It can take 2 kilometres for a freight train going 60 km/hour to stop. How many lengths of a football field is that? How many seconds would that take?

Fact 2

Trains can’t stop quickly! They don’t have ABS brakes like cars do.

Fact 3

Trains can’t swerve to avoid an object or person, because they are on tracks.

Fact 4

Trains in Australia can travel up to 110 km/hour in city areas (just like a car on a motorway), and 160 km/hour in country areas.

Fact 5

Once a driver sees something or someone on the tracks, all a driver can do is engage their emergency brakes and hope they stop in time.

Fact 6

Hear that? No? Trains are deceptively quiet.