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  • Family getting on train who hold hands and mind the gap
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Welcome to TrackSAFE Education!
It’s really good to see you here.

This website is for primary school students, and is designed to help you as you learn more about train and track safety at school.

We think young people are really important and we want to keep you safe. We also think you have what it takes to keep yourself and others safe around trains, trams, tracks, and level crossings – how to do the TrackSAFE Actions.

We think you already know more than many adults give you credit for. We want to help you build more skills, to make it really easy for you to be safe around trains every day.

You can also see some of the awesome stuff students have created in our lessons. If your teacher has shared it with us, you might even see your own creations in our gallery! Make sure you tell your friends and family to check out our website!

Know and show your TrackSAFE Actions next time you are around trains, trams, tracks and level crossings.

Be a TrackSAFE Student!