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I don’t have enough time in my program to do a whole unit of work on safety, so I would prefer a basic worksheet for my students. Do you have any available?

We have designed our learning resources within a variety of Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, rather than designing a separate ‘safety’ unit. Teachers told us they prefer this format, as it enables them to use their teaching time to achieve their curriculum requirements whilst enabling students to experience very meaningful life lessons about safety and increase their personal and social capability.

We have deliberately created opportunities for deep learning within the units of work,  The units of work are designed to help students work towards the achievement standards for the Learning Area, and links to the content descriptions are provided for the teacher’s reference.

e.g. Foundation English > Literacy > Creating Texts > Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge

Research shows there is little benefit to providing students with answers; worksheets or booklets in isolation; or a one-off ‘rail safety lesson’. Our units of work provide opportunities to learn across a variety of Learning Areas which has been shown to be more effective. Our learning resources use SOLO Taxonomy which is a proven method to ensure deep learning occurs. We believe the benefits to both teachers and students in doing a whole TrackSAFE Education unit of work outweigh any perceived interruption to class time.


I have students with intellectual and physical disabilities in my class. Are the TrackSAFE Education learning resources appropriate for students with special needs?

You will find the lessons differentiated for a variety of student needs and many group activities which are suitable for mixed ability groups. You can also choose from other year levels which may contain activities which are more suitable to the developmental needs of your students. You can adjust or combine any of the lessons to suit the needs of your students.


Parents & Community

My child is doing TrackSAFE Education lessons at school. How can I get involved?

You can encourage your child/a child in your care to visit our primary or high school students’ pages for more exposure to rail safety messages. If you have young children in your life, you can teach them TrackSAFE skills whenever you are around trains and tracks with them. You can also encourage their teacher to share the work that they did during their TrackSAFE Education lessons via our website, so we can showcase their amazing rail safety ideas!


I think my child’s school should start using the TrackSAFE Education learning resources. How can I tell the school about it?

Rail safety is important for all school students to learn, even if they do not encounter rail networks on a daily basis. If you feel a particular school would benefit from our learning resources, please direct the principal, assistant/deputy principal or classroom teacher to this website. You can explain the learning resources are tailored to the Australian Curriculum, and that they are not an ‘extra’ thing for them to have to ‘fit in’, but valuable and vital safety education that can be taught within existing teaching programs.


There is a continuous rail safety issue in my local area. How should I deal with it?

Circumstances can arise where parents and community members feel that there are safety issues in their community that are not being addressed effectively. For information on how you can make a difference, please visit our ‘Get involved’ page.

Rail Staff

I want to take some giveaways along to a school visit. Do you have any items I could give out?

We provide educational giveaways to teachers, for students who have completed a TrackSAFE Education unit of work. They are designed to help students continue to remember that being safe around trains is important. They are provided as a reward for teachers who have provided us with samples of work, assessment information and/or feedback.

As we are a registered charity, we do not have the budget to provide giveaways to school students unless they have participated in our lessons. You could try contacting your employer for giveaways, and encourage the school to use and give us feedback on the TrackSAFE Education teacher resources so the students can receive these special rewards.


My child’s teacher has asked me to do a presentation at their school. Do you have any ideas which could help me?

We suggest you visit the Rail Staff section of this website for guidelines on what to do during a school visit. We also highly recommend you refer the classroom teacher to this website and encourage them to plan a TrackSAFE Education unit of work around your visit to the school.

Research shows that one-off school presentations by a subject matter expert (such as a train driver, train guard or other railway worker) are not effective in isolation, but can really add value to classroom based learning if:

  • the visit is very student focussed (a two-way dialogue, genuinely allowing them to express their ideas);
  • the learners are actively involved in what they are learning (rather than having them passively sit and listen to you talk to them); and
  • the content complements their classroom based learning activities (e.g. the TrackSAFE Education teacher resources).

Before you attend, you should ensure you have permission to represent your organisation. You can also contact the designated education or community engagement team at a rail operator in your state to request a visit to the school.