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Parents & Community Make a difference in your community

Make a difference in your community

Decorative banner saying "When on a station platform hold your child's hand".

Do you sometimes see other adults taking shortcuts across train tracks?24_238-wide

Do you sometimes see adults racing through a level crossing after the alarm has sounded and before the gates close?

Have you ever walked along a station platform and crossed to the unsafe side of the yellow or white line to pass other people standing on the platform?

Have you ever seen young people taking risks around trains and train tracks?

Chances are they have seen adults doing these things and think it is okay.

As adults, we set an example for young people – not just our own kids, but any child that sees us. How can we expect young people to act responsibly when the adults they are watching and learning from are acting unsafely?

Here are a few ideas for you to make a difference in rail safety within your community:

  • Set an example – always follow the rail safety rules when near trains or tracks – a child could be watching you!
  • Praise students who are doing the right thing near railway tracks. This can help create a feeling of pride in acting safely and positively reinforces safe behaviours.
  • Ask your child’s school principal or teacher to teach TrackSAFE Education at their school.
  • Always hold hands with young children when on a platform or near train tracks, for example at a pedestrian level crossing.
  • Reinforce the TrackSAFE actions with young children.
  • Get active if there is a serious rail safety issue involving students in your community that needs addressing. Work with your local rail operator, the school principal, the police, parents and community leaders to find a local solution, and always involve the students – they are a key part of the solution and should never be underestimated!
  • Encourage your child to visit our primary and high school student pages. Your child can interact with rail safety messages at home.
  • Get your child’s school involved in Rail Safety Week (2nd week of August each year) by entering our competition.