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Play our rail safety board game

Play our rail safety board game

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Looking for a fun activity to check your students’ rail safety knowledge? Play our rail safety board game with your primary class!

We’ve designed this interactive classroom tool to help primary students find out how amazing their knowledge is when it comes to safety near passenger trains, freight trains, trams, tracks, pedestrian level crossings, level crossings, and platforms.

Suitable for students in lower primary (Level 1) and upper primary (Level 2), the board game takes students through a variety of multiple choice questions against one or two opponents (pairs or groups of three).

The content includes questions and statements which encourage and portray safe and positive behaviours, with a focus on the ‘TrackSAFE Actions’.

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It is linked to the Australian Curriculum through:

  • Health & PE – Personal, Social and Community Health
    – Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
    – Additional themes in Level 2 (upper primary) include dealing with bullying and peer pressure safely and positively
  •  Science
    – Science Understanding – Physical sciences
  • English
    – Language – Phonics & word knowledge
    – Literacy – Texts in context
  • General Capabilities
    – Personal & Social Capability
    – Ethical Understanding

Just like a regular board game, the pieces move freely around the board, so students need to be honest and watch their classmates’ moves carefully! The only difference between our board game and a regular board game is it can be played on a computer, interactive whiteboard or any other device.

Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of the board game:

  • Divide your class in half or thirds and play in teams on your interactive whiteboard
  • Play it at the start of a TrackSAFE Education mini unit of work to check your students’ prior knowledge
  • Play it at the end of a TrackSAFE Education mini unit of work as an extension activity, or for students who finish early
  • Use it as a reward for students who complete their work or show initiative
  • Set it as homework to play with their families at home – parents/carers and siblings might just learn something too!

Instructions on how to play are provided at the start. We also have a physical copy of the game for accessibility, and the solutions (shh…) if you prefer physical resources.

Happy playing!

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