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Feedback and giveaways

We would love to share your students’ work or photos/video of them participating in the lessons with the community. We would also love to receive your assessment data and feedback.

Your contribution is completely voluntary, but greatly assists us.

Sharing your students’ work and photos/video of them participating allows us to demonstrate to other teachers and students the ways in which our resources are used in different communities. It allows students to learn about rail safety from their peers. We will also give your school a huge plug, such as via our website, e-newsletter and social media.

We will use the assessment data to ensure the program does what we say it does.

We will use your evaluation feedback to ensure TrackSAFE Education continually improves, is useful for teachers and relevant to students.

We would like to show our gratitude to your contribution to Australian rail safety education by sending you a class set of TrackSAFE Education Certificates of Achievement, as well as fantastic giveaways to help your students to continue to remember why rail safety is important!


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Certificates and giveaways

Have you completed our lessons and contributed student work, assessment data or feedback? Click below to request TrackSAFE Education certificates of achievement for your whole class, along with some great giveaways. It’s an honesty system, so please only make a request if you actually have contributed.

Terms & Conditions

By uploading images of students or student work to this website, you agree you have obtained appropriate permissions to share images or work. By law, permission must be sought from parents or a legal guardian prior to sharing images of children. TrackSAFE may duplicate and communicate images and student work provided to us via our website, social media and any other means to promote the school involved and TrackSAFE Education. Please refer to our Privacy Statement as to how information may be used.