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Health & Physical Education

Students create innovative ways to help manage peer pressure and bullying and promote health, safety and wellbeing on the rail network. Choose suitable activities from 3 differentiated lessons.

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  • Teacher notes
  • Teacher notes

      Read the teacher notes first for instructions and suggested learning pathways. You can then choose to teach all 3 lessons or select a couple of activities which suit your students best.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 1: Hazards for people around the rail network: bringing in ideas

      Students investigate the physical features of a rail network and annotate digital images with descriptions of assets and their potential hazards to create a visual glossary of terms. They watch a video on crowd movement and observe pedestrians in the school grounds walking in crowded and uncrowded conditions.


      They discuss the way young people move in groups on the rail network, identifying hazards for themselves and for other pedestrians. They organise a ‘safety walk’, inviting members of a group they identified as being at risk to join them, and complete a hazard checklist on the safety walk. They create a blog post, multimedia presentation or infographic to report on these hazards to the identified target audience.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 2: Managing the hazards pedestrians meet around the rail network: connecting ideas

      Students investigate hazards for young people on the rail network, ranking them by importance then developing strategies to deal with the top hazard, as voted by the class. They then undertake a think-pair-share activity around emotions (feelings), describing a feeling as if it were a person, and writing a short bio poem or annotated sketch on the feeling. They discuss how each feeling could lead to safe or unsafe behaviours and attitudes on the rail network.


      Students identify unsafe behaviours that might be explained by showing off, bullying, peer pressure, or responding to a dare. They then then write a script for a “pick a path” role play offering multiple ways to manage an unsafe behaviour on the rail network caused by peer pressure or bullying. They deliver the role play to the class audience, who can rewind, fast forward or change the way in which the peer pressure is managed.


      Alternatively they discuss online and school based bullying and negative peer pressure and develop and compare a list of strategies that can be used to manage bullying online and at school.

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      Media and multimodal texts

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 3: Creating ways to enhance young people’s ability to manage peer pressure and bullying: extending ideas

      Students create a remix of the children’s story ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ with an alternative script for to communicate a message about challenging peer pressure, or make a series of “Even if your friends don’t think it’s cool” videos or animations to help others manage peer pressure to act unsafely on and around the rail network.


      Alternatively, students interview people in the community about their needs and opportunities for exercise, and use Google Maps ‘Create a map’ to identify and plan opportunities for people to be physically active around the rail network in your local community. They invite participants to experience regular physical activity by participating in a weekly challenge, and evaluate the effectiveness of their mapping initiative in increasing physical activity.