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Health & Physical Education

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  • Teacher notes
  • Teacher notes

      Read the teacher notes first for instructions and suggested learning pathways. You can then choose to teach all 3 lessons or select a couple of activities which suit your students best.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 1: Travelling safely to school

      Students explore all the safe choices they made on the way to school today. They map the hazards between home and school and around school. Students reflect on how their responsibilities change as they are getting older. They build a box neighbourhood and practise making smart choices and doing safe actions. They create a picture of them travelling to school and use thought bubbles to think about their thinking when they make smart, safe choices.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 2: Safety is worth thinking about

      Students identify places to take extra care around the rail network, and what they could do to keep themselves safe. They practise the use of self-talk using thought bubbles, and create a list of TrackSAFE actions relevant to their local community. They then create a comic strip, role play, or game to identify strategies to use in unsafe situations and help keep others safe around trains and tracks.

    • Glossary
    • Resource 1

      Comic strip template

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 3: Safety can always be better

      Students brainstorm and categorise ideas for change to make trains and tracks safer for themselves, their families and their communities. They choose their favourite change idea and develop an action plan to making it happen. They then develop strategies for persuading teenagers to behave safely around trains, design an app for safe level crossing use, or act as a TV reporter to interview level crossing users about safety.