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The Arts

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  • Teacher notes
  • Teacher notes

      Read the teacher notes first for instructions and suggested learning pathways. You can then choose to teach all 3 lessons or select a couple of activities which suit your students best.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 1 – Visual Arts: Weaving a safety message

      Students explore the way woven fibre artists represent ideas visually and discuss new vocabulary for weaving. They experience a weaving demonstration, discuss a safety message needed in their community, and how it might be represented through a woven artwork. They then create a woven artwork with a safety message about a TrackSAFE action, weave a safety image, or weave the words STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK and discover how the purpose of their artwork will influence where it is displayed. They share their artworks with the community such as at the local train station.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 2 – Drama: Safety should always be on play!

      Students take turns playing ‘remote controller’ and try to keep the other students who are acting as passengers on the platform to stay behind the yellow line, calling out ‘pause’, ‘stop’, rewind’, ‘fast forward’ and ‘play’. They use think-pair-share to share a real or imagined example of a time they could have paused an unsafe situation and turn it into a positive outcome. They then work in groups create a mini-play that promotes safe behaviours when near train tracks. They perform their mini-plays, with a student playing ‘remote controller’ pausing for the class to discuss how an unsafe behaviour could be changed into a safe behaviour and getting students to act out the positive outcome.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson 3 – Music and Dance: Rap and rhythms

      Students listen to examples of rap music and identify its musical elements. They brainstorm and create rhyming couplets including ‘track’. They then create lyrics for a rap with a message about safety near train tracks, use percussion to enhance the meaning, choreograph and perform the dance and rap to an audience in their local community. They provide feedback to each other about the performance and clarity of the safety message.

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